About Us

The Team to Trust for All Your Emu Oil Needs

The Team to Trust for All Your Emu Oil Needs

Our company “Global Emu LLC” is located in College Station, Texas (USA). Our emu oils are naturally processed and refined (no chemicals added) locally at College Station at the Fats and Oils R&D Center LLC. using state-of-the-art refining facilities. This research facility greatly helps the local farmers here in Texas and all over the country.

We sell fully refined grade “A” (based on AEA recommendation) emu oil. The oil is transparent light yellow in color. Our emu oils are physically refined—meaning no chemicals are added to the oil during the refining process. We also provide a certificate of analysis (COA) analyzed by a certified American Oil Chemist (AOCS) lab for each batch.

Our company’s mission is to satisfy our customer’s needs. We share a similar goal to grow together and be successful and make our customers happy.

We are committed to providing the best quality unadulterated and natural emu oils. Adulteration (adding or blending emu oil with ostrich, palm, tallow, lard or soybean oil, etc.) has been found in many online products when analyzed in an independent AOCS certified lab (AEA findings) and also in our own lab as well. This has become a common practice for some individuals who like to deceive and earn quick bucks. Unfortunately, online shoppers do not know the difference between a pure and adulterated emu oil with their limited knowledge of recognizing various oils based on chemical analyses and fatty acid profiles.

We make sure the oil you receive from us is original and 100% pure emu oil. We will provide you a full list of chemical analyses analyzed by an approved certified AOCS lab. We greatly appreciate your business with us and we wish you to thrive in your business. Let’s work together.